You have permission to live your best life

I get a thrill out of helping people become who they authentically are and helping them to be mindful, centred and grateful for what they have.

My new path of spirituality, crystals, oils and healings came after I became separated. I knew that the challenges I faced were not from within me and I didn’t want to see a psychologist and relive the past. I wanted to find a way forwards through the challenges with renewed strength and confidence that what I was doing was right. I wanted to be empowered to help myself and manage my challlenges in a productive way.

In a time of chaos, I needed to find balance, remain in control of my feelings and emotions while being present and connected with my little children. I embraced the different benefits from a range of alternative therapies like spiritual healings, music and sound therapy, aromatherapy, crystals and more … better still, the children and I embrace each and every one of these on a daily basis to promote harmony in the home and within ourselves.

You too can enjoy the benefits!

Life is to be enjoyed, lived to the fullest with passion and purpose. I would be delighted to help you along your journey.