Hard work is the only way to fix your problem


Today, there is so much marketing selling people a ‘quick fix’ to their problems. I am sure you have encountered many ‘get rich quick’ scheme or the enigma of the ‘4-hour work week’. However, too often, these don’t actualise or become reality for the greatest majority. Yes, parts of the principle are true and help move you towards your end result… offering the promise of an easy solution and, in reality, the solution falls well short from the outcome.

If you are navigating divorce, there isn’t a band-aid that will fix the hurt nor is there a magic want to get you the settlements that you desire.

If you are building a business, there isn’t a cash-cow to fund you until your business is ready.

If there isn’t demand for your offering (product or service) then the products won’t sell themselves from their boxes.

If you experience depression or anxiousness, no pill will make everything better. Pills may alleviate some symptoms and not all.

Your pillars for growth What you need are the pillars for growth:

Persistence. When you are told no, you keep trying until you get a yes.

Determination. When you are knocked down, you get back up and fight for another day.

Motivation. The drive to wake up each day and make it count.

Resilience. Don’t let challenges, hurdles or barriers stop you from your end destination.

Initiative. The ability to use fresh perspective and create a solution

Direction. Let’s not forget, you need direction. Ask yourself:

• What is the outcome or end result I want?

• When do I want to achieve this end result?

• What do I have to do in yearly increments to achieve this result?

• What do I have to do in monthly increments to achieve this result?

• What is my strategy for achieving the monthly and yearly results?

• Who can help me along the way? (accountant, life coach, psychologist, friends, lawyer, partner, care for kids, etc)

Each of these pillars for growth involves a significant element of hard work. Hard work is applying yourself, being pro-active, diligent and productive. If something was easy and simple, then everyone would be doing it. The value for a commodity that everyone can do or achieve with great ease is low – only the rare and special are highly-valued. The harder you work in your business, the greater personal satisfaction and financial compensation. The harder that you work on yourself, being pro-active and realistic, the more you will be able to regulate your emotions during a time of turmoil, be empowered and restrict the ability of others to de-rail you from your goals.

Once you have laid the foundation for what you want, put in the hard work and are reaping the rewards, then you will be able to take your foot off the accelerator, relax and enjoy the ride.

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This is general advice only and is not provided as legal, medical, financial or other professional advice.