Services: Sessions and Strategy with Rachael

There are many ways of reaching creating balance, removing negativity or blocks and energising someone. I love to offer individual or a combination of techniques so that you can get the maximum benefit from your session.

Depending on what outcome you want to achieve, we can utilise the power of:

  1. Reiki / energetic healing
  2. Crystal healings
  3. Oracle and angel card readings
  4. Chakra balancing
  5. Sound healing with Himalayan healing and chakra bowls
  6. Aromatherapy and essential oils
  7. Coaching or strategy
  8. Coupling, un-coupling and relationship counselling
  9. Generalised coaching

Are you wanting to find your balance?

Investing in your wellbeing helps to alleviate stress, confusion, anxiety while promoting great feelings like confidence, empowerment, inner peace and clarity.

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This is ideal if you are:

  1. Stressed and needing some relaxation
  2. Looking for clarity and spiritual reassurance
  3. Feel stuck and needing to find your flow
  4. Wanting to feel energised, clear and positive
  5. Ease feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
  6. Experiencing high stress situations who seek clarity, confidence and positivity
  7. A new mother who need to relax, unwind and restore vitality
  8. Recovering from a break-up and needing to restore internal calm, gain emotional control and positivity

Why wait when you can feel better now?

You are important. You are worth the effort. You deserve to feel great.

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If you are going through a tough time, we can have a chat, create a plan or explore the basis of your concerns and then work on relevant areas that suit you so that you can achieve maximum benefit from your session

Equally, we can meet in person at the clinic (location in Sydney near the city made available after booking) and have a hands-on healing session or a strategy/coaching session in person.

I hope to help you embrace who you are, release any blocks or negative thoughts/feelings that burden you, create a sense of clarity, empowerment, enlightenment and confidence from within and overall to help you feel more joyous and happier.

  • Counselling (1-hour): $129.00
  • Healing (45-minutes): $85.00
  • Energetic Healing (1-hour): $100.00
  • Aromatherapy Touch (45-minutes): $120.00
  • Separation Strategy Session (45-minutes): $129.00 (can be over the phone or via Zoom)
  • Separation Strategy Package (3x 45 minute sessions): $315.00 (or $105.00 each, save $72.00)